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Monday, March 22, 2010

Dr. Who?

Mr. Theordore R. Geisel was once caught drinking alcohol with fellow college students during the period of time in the early 20th century known as Prohibition, which constitutionally forbade alcohol consumption in the U.S. (and was eventually repealed in 1933.)

As a result and in order to stay in school, college officials ordered that he cease all his extracurricular activities, which included writing for a campus humor magazine.  To sidestep this mandate, he began signing the name “Seuss” to his submissions and the rest, they say, is Seuss-story.

The late, great Dr. Seuss continues to make an impact on kids today as witnessed by this past weekend’s performance by the Quincy Drama Club’s production of Seussical The Musical.

To sum up the all-Seuss plot: Horton heard a Who and didn’t know what to do when the people that he knew would not believe he heard a Who.  I can’t tell you much more beyond that except the who-le thing’s told by The Cat In The Hat.

Olivia Herman was the Who that brought me there too. Following the grand finale, she and the cast zoomed their way through the audience to the back-stage corridor and the pride felt in their collective shriek of excitement as they ran down that hallway could not help but rub off on any Who who heard them.

This was a very well-rehearsed and superbly choreographed production by 60 + students (and faculty) of all grade levels at Quincy Public Schools. To everyone involved both young and both old & both near and both far, a tip of my hat to how lucky you are!

Soundtrack For Today:  Think Of Seuss!

And keep abuzz for Gertrude McFuzz - Emily Hajjar is going to be a star.


  1. Olivia was an excellent actress for a girl who is only in second grade. I was pleasantly surprised at how talented these kids were. It was so nice that they missed the ages. I think that made it more fun. You are right Emily will be a star but I think it might be a competition between her and Jacqueline Pitts as to who gets there first. They were all excellent! Not one person was out of sink. They were very well coordinated and had lovely voices. What a fun time had by all!

  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for being a sponsor. All the kids did an excellent job. Their parents should all be very proud. It was a very enjoyable show.